Okay, it seems odd that we'd have a privacy policy for the site at this stage. As we see it, better sooner than later, so here it is.

First, we have your email address. We hate spam too, so we won't give it to anyone. Even for cash money. Plus we'll only send you email if you subscribe to our newsletter, except for administrative stuff like if you request to reset your password.

Second, our web server saves some log files with information like your IP address. We have no way to match that up against who you are, we just use it to keep track of aggregate data like how many times the blank weightlifting log was downloaded. All that data gets purged after three days.

Third, we use Google Analytics to track visitor stats. Like the web server logs, we have no way to tie that information to a specific person. We just use it to track which pages are the most popular, how folks are navigating the website, what other website sent them our way, and so on. If you don't want to be included in that, you can turn off Javascript. The rest of the site will work just fine, it just might not be as flashy as it could be with Javascript turned on.

Lastly, if you have questions or comments or just want to tell us you hate us, head over to our feedback form and use it to send us a message.