Blank Forms

Here's a sampling of our blank logs that are perfectly free to download. You don't even need to sign up to get them.

The format is 5.5" x 8.5" or half a letter page. For printers it's often referred to as "classic size" or "organizer L."

For best results printing our logs, we suggest asking the office supply store to cut you a ream of paper in half, to make it easier on you. If you'd like to have your logs hole-punched, we suggest doing so before printing, as printers tend to warp the paper some and you may find it difficult to get them lined up perfectly afterward (for us OCD types).

Click the View link below to view the form directly in your browser, if your browser supports that. Click the Download link to save the file to your hard drive for future use and reference.

Cardio (2 per page) View | Download (90.7 KB)

We have a few different types of cardio pages. Our main (2up) page allows for two distinct workouts in a day. The basic cardio layout has room for your vitals during the workout (heart rate, distance traveled, exertion level), route you take, goals you have, type of cardio, etc.

Cardio (brick) View | Download (106.8 KB)

The brick workout log is meant to help those who train in more than one exercise in a workout, for example, triathlon training. One can track their swim, run, bike, or anything else, in a somewhat condensed version of our basic system.

Cardio (mixed) View | Download (153.6 KB)

Our mixed page is for both a single exercise workout and a small brick portion. Say, for a morning run and then an evening brick workout.

Daily Record View | Download (110.7 KB)

Need to keep track of your daily food intake? Total calories, if you took your supplements, what your weight was, morning heart rate, sleep/fatigue/sorness levels? Our Daily record helps you do just that. On one page you can know what yesterday or last week was like, whether you were on plan, if you got too close to the Krispy Kreme Vortex, or if the reason you were feeling so sluggish was from the lack of sleep the night before.

Weekly Record View | Download (82 KB)

Our weekly record page is a snapshot of our daily page. On one sheet you can view your whole week (currently running from M-Su). It helps you track your morning heart rate, weight and bf%, sleep, fatigue, soreness, and meal compliance for each day in that week. Also contains a small section for goals or notes for the week.

Weightlifting View | Download (112.9 KB)

The weightlifting log is a basic log for the iron area in your gym, or for body weight exercises. It can accommodate up to 6 sets easily, with a total of 8 exercises for the workout.

We've personally found most logs we've come across are not useful for people who really spend time training with weights. While they're usable for 3 sets of 10 reps, they're meant to be able to be used with a number of protocols. As with all of our logs, the top of the page has space for your vitals and conditions during the workout, and the bottom has a small space for notes. These are not logs made by people who mainly cardio.